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Your customers are busy people, so why not make finding information that little bit easier for them? Deliver highly targeted information about your business, products and services directly into the palm of your customer’s hand with our patent pending content delivery platform, MMSme from Blackgate.

By sending an SMS, your customers can request information about a specific house, vehicle, garment or any other product. They can get details about your business, trading hours, or address or even do a quick search of your current products available. No 3rd party apps to download or problematic QR codes to decipher, a standard SMS is all that’s needed.

The customer will receive an MMS containing the information they requested including text and images. In return, you get a copy of the details they requested plus their mobile number and time they requested the information. This can be delivered directly to you via email and even sent through to your CRM or lead management system ready for your team to follow up.

Now you can be there for your customers, even when you’re not.

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